P1060584Julie Lynch

Continence & Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Member of the :

  • Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Continence and Women’s Health Special Interest Group
  • Continence Foundation of Australia

If only having a baby came with an instruction manual…..
Maybe then we would be better prepared for the enormous physical changes that occur to our body during pregnancy and after delivery.
At Bumpity Bump Physiotherapy, Julie understands those changes and can provide physiotherapy care that is tailored to your needs as an antenatal or postnatal mum.
Whether it is trying to stay fit, getting treatment for your pain or even working out how to do your pelvic floor muscle exercise, Julie is here to provide you with over 20 years of experienced physiotherapy service and education.
At Bumpity Bump Physiotherapy, Julie is proud to be part of a women’s health practice that works exclusively with antenatal and postnatal women, providing complete care and hopefully making that ‘Bumpity Bump’ journey a more positive experience!