iStock_000016543485_LargeAs well as keeping you fit and healthy, exercising in pregnancy can give you more energy, help you sleep better and help ease any aches and pains!

Sounds great but it is also important that the exercise you choose is safe for you and your baby.

That is why Bumpity Bump Physiotherapy encourages you to join our fun and safe 1 hour pool class. The water provides the perfect environment for you to exercise at your own level whilst giving your body a break from the weight of your “Bumpity Bump”.

Bumpity Bump Aqua is specially designed for pregnancy and includes an education session guided by the participants. It is also a terrific way to socialise and meet other “Bumpity Bumpers”.

The pool is heated allowing classes to run all year round.

Rebates may be available from private health funds.


The Swim School
26 Automotive Drive Wangara

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For more details contact:
Bumpity Bump Physiotherapy
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